Dreacon reference

Early concept art for Dreacon


Human, Born Artificially awakend Male D.O.L. (Duplicate of Lifeform) of Hiro Sakurai, was created to replace Hiro as one of the Faces of LOS. Created by Dr.Arzt as a replacement for Hiro. Who before his death was beginning to grow Distaste for Entrigans growing moral ambiguity. Dreacon was modified in vitro to assure his skills and ablilities as a pilot, and a 'Hero' for LOS. as well as assuring certain controls including a limited Life Span. The culture was aged rabidly in the tank by stimulating hyperactivity in the mitochondria using Alien tech that was not fully understood and as a result he was Born with Awakend powers, most notably 'Battle Sight' Which seemed to allow him to track situations in an Area so that he could act and change the outcome to his will. He was placed as second in command of the roughnecks under Roy, who would become like a father figure to the Already 16 year old Dreacon. Shortly after, Work was completed on the 'Lucifer' Frame prototype designed using organic componets Gathered fromt he Alien Wreck. Ben was found able to pilot it, while Dreacon was found also able to do so- the bilogical componets began to merge with him, quickly fusing with his arm forcing Roy to Battle Amputate it. He was quickly fitted for a Prostheses as his body continued to reject Flash-Cloned arms due to a conflict with his Celular degeneration which was worsened by the partial fusion. LAter, Roy, having fallen out of Favor with Entrigan, Stole his own Frame the Skull One, and Dreacon was forced to try to Stop him. However Modifications Roy had made allowed him to Best Dreacon, Taking pity on the boy he let him live. Dreacon was present in the Battle of Unknown fleets tasked with Finding, and tracking down Roy. Having located him, he was also a part of the plan to Force Roy into the Sol system.