Is a male of Japanese desent from the colony called Homu, his parents are both Colonests who arrived on the generation ship "Inu-Maru". Hiro's father was conscripted into a twenty year contract with Alliance Corperation as an Intelligence officer.His father howeveer did not last long and soon after died. as a way to make ends meet on the poverty stricken colony his mother took to Prostitution however she contracted a rare condition that occured on Homu and died shortly after. Hiro was six and had become a  Ward of the Alliance Corperation, meaning that he would be required to continue his father's contract when he turned 16. Due to his young age, and lack of family, he was taken into an unnamed project refered to informally as the 'Lost Boys" Young boys were Flash educated and trained in the arts of war, and given a special regimine of Gene therapy to 'Awake' Hidden potential of  the human mind. in which they were more often than not, a failure. Patients were graded uppon complettion from "Failure" To 'Perfect" of the subjects, half of them were total Falures do to death, a quarter of them sucumb to severe psycological problems, fifteen percent were graded as 'unuseable" having failed to awaken eight pecent were usable, having been awakend but having Minor Psycological conditions, only two percent were complete successes. Hiro was in the top 5 percentile, having been awakened but prone to fits of Rage.  For a time he served as a Fighter pilot untill Battle Frames became the weapon of choice by modern militaries. He proved his worth time and again, also writting the first official tretse on the use of Frames in Warfare. However, durring a battle near the fringe, he disobeyed orders regarding a Refugee transport ship, even opening fire on his homeship to protect them. He was stripped oh his rank and Assigned to a ship with orders to survey the fringe. systems. It was durring this assignment that he detected a signal from outside fringe space, he changed course and intercepted a modified Alliance shuttle containing a group of survivors of a crash. They discussed with him the discovery of Alien tech and of the Boy called Ben. He'd surved with roy on more than one occasion and was brought into "The pact" With Entrigan and the others to protect humanity. from a comming invasion. Unicom, LOS, and The united Soldiers Alliance were all arms of the PAct. and together they broke Alliance's hold on known space. Soon The systems were very evenly distributed among the three corperations. all of them secretly controled by Entrigan. In the interum, as they prepaired humanity for the invasion, Tests were carried out with Ben, the awakend child they found on the planet. Compairring his powers to Hiro's. This set of tests leads to the Tragic Death of Hiro, and Ben's Sponanius supression of memories and abilities.