A simple timeline showing major world events leading up to the start of Lost Souls


2009- An economic crisis sweeps the globe and talks of a unified Earth government begin.
2010- With the Crisis averted the Global government is again ruled out.
2011-A new Soviet party is formed in Russia and a new USSR is formed. Soon after the new red Army begins open hostilities with any and all parties involved with Middle Eastern Oil Fields.
2012-The 3rd world war breaks out. Half of the Earth’s population is lost in the initial Attacks, Casualties of successful nuclear proliferation. Another 25percent dies soon after. Russia is all but obliterated in the fighting and what few Reds remain sign an Armistice handing control of Russia to the United States.
2013-On the world front the United Nations is made a laughing stock for their Handling of the Russian situation and soon after Disbands.
2014-Proxy wars sweep across the greater part of Europe, With new Regimes rising and falling on almost a Day to day basis for almost 7 years.
2021-Taking advantage of the confusion in Europe, Communist Parties in China and North Korea join forces as the Asian Socialist Nations (ASN). The United States seems to take on a Neutral stand in the fighting that follows.
2022-The ASN invades Japan, the Small nation falls in less than a Day.
2023-A new power begins to build in Europe, Made from remnants of the European Union. They gain power quickly and the Fighting in Europe begins to Calm. Before the end of the Year all of Europe joins the NEU (New European Union). In the west Canada and the United States form the North American Republic
2024-A new Soviet Nation is formed in Peru and quickly picks up speed moving up through most of Mexico. On September 5th the United People of Peru declares open war on the NAR.
2025-The North American Republic retaliates and begins a system of Outright claiming captured Territories. By the end of the Year all of Mexico and 75 Percent of South America falls under NAR control.
2026-The UPP Surrenders unconditionally to the NAR, Meanwhile a New Base of Power forms in the Middle East known as The Dutchy of Persia, The NEU Moves to Liberate Japan from the ASN, and The ASN Moves to take over the DOP.
2027-In exchange for Control of 50 percent of the DOP's Oil the NAR moves to their Defense. The NEU Finds Japan a Highly fortified beast. The ASN Counters on Both Fronts. Moving through an 8th of NEU Territory by the end of the year. And continually pushing NAR defense lines back.
2028-Cocky from constant Victories against all parties the ASN moves to invade Africa and Former Russia. The 4th World war officially begins.
2031- having constantly been pushed back the New Euepean Union sends a small task force on a diplomatic mission to bring Australia(who has remained neutral till this point) into the NEU. They refuse determined to remain neutral until the taskforce commander took it upon him self to bring them in by force. As luck would have it the NAR battle carrier Proxima was in the area having been separated from its task force and scrambled fighters to stop the missile strikes.
2032- it is discovered that the NEU Australian taskforce leader is part of a large network of Asian Socialist Nation spies who have infiltrated the NEU. Australia Signs a treaty with the NAR joining their war effort but maintaining autonomy
2042 - the first frame like weapon makes its appearance in the form of 10-15ft tall exoskeleton suits controlled by elite members of the NAR's Special Operations Division the suits were base on construction equipment.
2045-The Fourth World war finally comes to an end. With a earths population now only 180 million. Roughly 1/16th what is was at the Start of the New Millennium. The ASN Falls to the NAR. And the NEU controlled the better half of the Eastern world.
2046- on the first aniverery of the wars end the neu and nar form a world government
2047- earth beings showing signs of its exhaustion scientist world wide predict a coming ice age caused by the wars effects
2048- the first lunar colony name Zion is formed to test terraforming and possible footer colonization efforts
2049- the Yellowstone supper volcano erupts plunging earth into the new ice age
2050- satellite communications have completely broken down due to cloud cover and electromagnetic interference leavening much of earths now scattered populace unable to communicate
2051- a new dark age takes hold leading to 50 years of savage conflict.
2101- a hywayman triggers a weather control weapon that begins to bring earth out of iceage
2102- the cloud cover begins to reside allowing old satellite communication systems to come back online
2104- with the cloud cover reducing farther scattered earth radio signals reach the lunar colony and a reintegration and education cycle begins.
2129-earths infrastructure is mostly restored thanks to the efforts of the lunar colonist and the few scattered reminates of the old earth government
2133- a second lunar colony is established by the earth government this one 3 times the size of the old Zion colony
2135- the first Martian colony is established to mine iron the occupants are a combination of prisoners and hired work force
2137- the lunar and Martian colonies are give autonomy
2138- the sleeper ship SS01 Archulon is launched
2139- contact with the Archulon is lost and construction begins on the bridge station in orbit between earth and Luna
2140- GS01 Botany Bay is launched
2141- GS02 Inumaru is launched
2150- earth has launched 12 Generation ships by this date construction on the bridge station is completed
2151-Mars has an economic Crisis and erects a naval Blockade on Luna in order to steal supplies, the Lunarian
Martian war begins and ends a month later, Mars falls under Lunarian Republic control but is allowed to
Keep its Autonomy.
2155- babel station established between earth and mars
2162- Mars adopts a monarch style government and becomes the Martian Emporium
2163- Frames become widely used for construction
2165- the small orbital colony Attila is establish above titan
2187- the first faster than light drive was invented by Zion scientist.
2189-botony bay makes planet fall in the wolf 359 system
2193- the first true battle frame is developed utilizing a "fixed" frame style where in the parts are not swappable
2201- Zion launches a ftl ship to alpha centari to establish a new base of operations
2202- the solar federation is formed between earth Luna and mars
2205- mass colonization begins
2212-corporation begin becoming major players taking up arms in response to increased piracy
2231- the alliance corporation is formed as a multi conglomerate
2246- the Martian empierium folds to corporate rule
2279- anti-government forces take control of the Attila colony and started it on a course for titan.
2280- corporate power has all but crushed old earth style governments leavening the sol system in Alliance control except for the small zion lunar colony
2281- the first corporate war is forged against the alliance and the first "fluid" frames are developed allowing for the arms, bases, torso, and head to be swapped out depending on mission profile and dividing frames into 4 distinct classes
2286-entrigans mission to outer fringe launched
2289-crash on Seti alpha 5, ben is found, repulse drive invented
2290-hiro finds group at the edges of the fringe and frontier los is formed UniCom splits off near end of that year
2291-ben kills Hiro
2292- Dreacon is cloned from Hiro
2293-roughnecks officially formed, Entrigan forms an alliance with the Zion republic to eliminate the alliance corporation
2294-ben joins the roughnecks, los begins taking over systems
2295- los betrays the Zion republic with a hostile takeover
2296-los uses neural gas on colony to stop Zion uprising 2million dead over 1million were innocent civilians
2298-ben has idea for USA and takes over the old Lunar Zion colony. Roy leaves and Sarge is found
2300-United Soldiers Alliance officially formed and grows to 3rd largest corporation behind UniCom and los
2303-game start player character found by Roy

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